Rosie Schinners


I’ve recently signed up for an online 52 week (yes! a whole year!) collage workshop run by artist, author, and teacher Randel Plowman. Along with the series I’m currently working on, I thought this would be a great way to deepen my techniques in the art of collage, shake things up a bit, and keep me accountable to a regular practice!
I’m currently on week 7, and was thinking- why did I not start updating about this weekly?! So I’m gonna do a blast of catch-up posts with the weekly projects, then update as I progress.

Week 1 : 5 minute collages

To flex our instincts, the challenge was to create several small collages set to a timer of 5 minutes each. I have amassed a lot of bits and pieces in my arsenal, and I am used to layering quickly so I really enjoyed it!